Privacy Policy

At Inspecty we value and respect your privacy. We have written this simple and easy to read privacy policy to make sure you understand what data we collect and how we use it, so please read this in full. We only collect the bare minimum amount of your personal data it takes to provide and grow the Inspecty software. We never share your personal data.

What Data Do You Collect?

Below is a list of the data we collect. We use this data to develop our software based, to communicate with our customers and execute system functions of the inspection software.

Your Personal Data We Hold


Nickname To know who you are
First name To know who you are
Last name To know who you are
Email address To contact you
Address So we know where our users are located
Phone number To contact you
Mobile number To contact you
Profile picture To see who we are speaking to
Company name To add
Company phone number To know who you are
Company mobile number To contact you
Company address fields So we know where our users are located
Cardholder’s first name To take payments
Cardholder’s last name To take payments
Cardholder’s address To take payments
Last four digits of credit card To take payments
Card provider, e.g. Visa To take payments
Cardholder’s card details To take payments
MAC address for iPad So we can link the cloud to the Device

What Data Do We Hold On Your Behalf?

Under the general data protection regulations (GDPR) you are a data controller of personal data for tenants, landlords and agents, it is important that you understand your duties in relation to this. More info can be found at the Information Commissioners Office. Below is a list of data held in the Inspecty system on your behalf.

Data Held On Your Behalf
Client’s first name
Client’s last name
Client’s email address
Client’s address fields
Client’s phone number
Client’s mobile number
Report recipient’s first name
Report recipient’s last name
Report recipient’s email address
Tenant’s first name
Tenant’s last name
Tenant’s email address
Tenant’s address
Tenant’s telephone number
Tenant’s mobile number
Image showing tenant’s signature
Landlord’s first name
Landlord’s last name
Landlord’s email address
Landlord’s address
Landlord’s telephone number
Landlord’s mobile number
Image showing Landlord’s signature

As the data controller if you delete this above information from the Inspecty system it is no longer accessible. All deleted data is hard deleted from the Inspecty software within 24 hours. Deleted data associated with completed PDF report and inspection appointment will be unchanged as they are legal documents that need to be preserved. We never use this data in anyway unless driven and instructed by you, for example; using the Inspecty software you are able to use the tenants email to send them a report, we will never contact them independently.

Which Third Parties Is Inspecty Using?

We use third party software to enable us to serve our customers, automate work flow, improve our business and keep in contact. The third parties are below and the reason we use them.

Intercom – This system enables us to chat with our customers and message them. It also enables us to understand our users habits, when and where they log in from, how regularly and what they do on the Inspecty system. More information on Intercom can be found in their privacy policy.

Mail Chimp – This is an emailing service that allows us to automate the distribution of content when a prospective customer or users signs up, for example our newsletter. More information can be found in their privacy policy.

Stripe – This is a payments system that handles the payments from our users, sends invoices and holds the payment information. More information on Stripe can be found in their privacy policy.

By agreeing to Inspecty privacy policy, you are agreeing to our third parties privacy polices.

Where And When Are You Getting This Information From?

Each time you opt-in on our website or inspection software you are agreeing to certain data being collected. This data is collected to perform a task, for example if you sign up to a newsletter you will give us your email and name so we can forward you an newsletter. You are able to unsubscribe from any group of emails via the unsubscribe link at the bottom of any email or in your users settings.

How Long Do You Keep My Personal Data?

We hold your personal data for as long as you are a subscriber to the Inspecty software, at any time you can delete your account and your personal data along with all other data will be deleted, this cannot be undone and a hard delete will take place at the end of your payment cycle.

If you have signed up to receive content from our site you can unsubscribe at any time and you will be taken off our list.

If you have signed up to a trial account and do not proceed to paid subscription we will delete your account 90 day after the trial period has expired, we will email you during this period to see if you’d like to upgrade or delete your account earlier.

Where Are You Storing My Data?

All data is stored in Amazon Web Servers (AWS), which is a secure cloud based platform. All data is housed in the UK and is maintained by a AWS certified manager. More information of Amazon security can be found in the security page.

I Have Further Questions & Queries, Who Do I Contact?

If you have any questions or queries please contact our Data Protection Officer Michael Kasar by email on or by post at Apt 17738, Chynoweth House, Trevissome Park, Truro, TR48U. We are registered with the Information Commissioners Office – registration number ZA351549.

‘Thank you for spending the time to be informed. We will be reviewing this privacy policy regularly’

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