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1. Set up and organise

Set up and prepare your property inspection report within minutes. All the information on your property will be stored in the cloud, which allows you or your colleagues to access it easily at any time. Our easy to use and optimised interface allows you to process your inventory, check in and check out inspections reports in no time, as well as add team members and manage everything from one place. This is an ideal solution for conducting inventory reports as a team of property managers, letting agents or a private landlord.

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2. Inspect without Barriers

Using our powerful and easy to use app you will become an inspection superstar, tagging photo automatically and using industry standard quick text to produce reports quickly, thoroughly and without WIFI. Once completed and back into a WIFI area a quick sync of the app will send your report to our secure cloud allowing you to make changes and view your good work. This makes the reporting process much more efficient than with any other inventory platform out there.


3. Innovative Inspection Reports

Our reports are easily understood by any user, no enjoying abbreviations, so its ideal whether your a client, beginner or professional user. Within a few seconds your hard work becomes a detailed and professional PDF report, you can forget about hours of resizing and formatting paperwork, and issues with sending large files via email, all of this is achieved with a few simple clicks. This leaves you more time to win new business, completed more of your to do list or finish early for the day. Creating reports has never been easier.

Inspection Report in Action

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